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Tech Trends

 - Episode 2

3 Ways to protect your business from cyber attacks

Episode Summary:

This BetterTech episode talks about how to up your cybersecurity game and stays ahead of any current or potential data breach that you may face. Currently, the situation faced by enterprises worldwide is that with the ever-increasing adoption of mobility, the technology also presents a catch-22 situation: in simple terms, it means that without mobility, you are committing “business suicide” and with mobility, you are at the risk of facing new security threats in your business. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, transactions between servers, and handling sensitive client data with mobile-enabled technology means that the number one concern for your company is protecting user data and complying with international standards.

Show Notes:

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is the answer to securing your company’s crucial data. EMM comprises wide-ranging security and enablement platforms including Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Applications Management (MAM) & Mobile Content Management (MCM).

1. MDM products are configured in such a way that they collect and display location and call histories from all corporate devices which helps optimize the functionality and security of devices used within the organization.

2. MAM takes Data Security a step further by forcing policies at the application level. It has security policies such as the facility to crosscheck users, creating expiration dates for accessing data, putting limitations on what can be copy/pasted as well as rejecting access to cloud backup if the user is unauthorized.

3. MCM is a set of technologies that provide safe access to corporate data on a variety of mobile devices. MCM platforms are all about enabling rather than confining users. The solutions provided in an MCM platform allow for even remote collaboration to be undertaken which makes it easier to share corporate data on demand. You can access, view, edit, annotate and share from anywhere on any device.

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