Startup Series

 - Episode 23

A suite of product and data tools, do more with your data!

James Hawkins

Episode Summary:

BetterTech Host Umair Javed, CEO, Tkxel, chats with James Hawkins, CEO Posthog about its full-featured product and data analytics suite you can self-host instead of sending data to third parties for lengthy compliance checks. 

PostHog’s mission is to increase the number of successful products in the world. Their open-source platform lets developers track product usage, understand the impact of new features on user behaviour, and integrate product and user data with data warehouses – all without sending any data to a third party.

Show Notes:

1. PostHog is a suite of open-source product analytic tools that companies can host themselves. PostHog is the single platform that can replace an entire suite of tools you’re already paying for. Providing tools in one place for performance measurement.

2. James Hawkins shares why his experience of bootstrapping and then raising money for PostHog changed his perspective. Further, he talks about the first five hires he and his co-founders made when they were first starting out.   

3. YC chose PostHog for its product analytics and how experiments helped boost engagement by 40%.

4. Future plans include enhancing connectivity with data warehouses and merging improvements from PostHog Free into our open-source product. 

This episode is hosted by Umair Javed, Founder & CEO, Tkxel.

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