Tech Trends

 - Episode 48

How advancements in 5G are leading to digital transformation

waris Sagheer

Episode Summary:

The only way to progress is through frequent advancements in technology, and to sustain the evolving demands, the implementation of 5G is an imperative step forward. In this BetterTech podcast, Waris Sagheer, CTO of CISCO, discusses the significance of 5G in today’s world and sheds light on the challenges encountered during its transition.

Show Notes:

1. CTO’s plan for the future involves apprehending tangible problems and defining cost-effective solutions. The purpose is not only to focus on the company’s growth but also to enhance market standards by consistently being aware of stakeholders’ needs

2. 5G offers high-speed connectivity everywhere, regardless of the remoteness or accessibility of the location. Moreover, it caters to the concept of global connectivity and facilitates low-latency communication, providing users with a generally immersive experience.

3. 5G efficiently caters to enterprises, with consumers benefiting as a byproduct. It has the ability to facilitate diverse industries such as healthcare, transport, and many others. The high-speed connectivity in remote areas would prove to be a game-changer, revolutionising the world and particularly the existing work culture.

4. The transition to 5G is only a matter of time; however, the challenges faced, both on an economic and infrastructural level, could incur a significant cost, creating hindrances in its adaptability.

This episode is hosted by Haseeb Khan, VP of Technology, Tkxel.

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