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 - Episode 40

Boost the productivity of your sales teams with AI

Samuel Urquijo

Episode Summary:

Do you imagine An AI recommendation engine with no code to help salespeople to react while increasing sales? Keybe is a tool that Boosts the productivity of your sales teams with AI and more. It is a multiagent and omnichannel sales platform connected to your business’s most important conversational channels.

In this BetterTech Podcast, Samuel Urquijo, CEO and Founder, Keybe talk about how this tool helps you manage the relationship with your clients efficiently; automating, controlling and centralizing your processes in an easy-to-use platform with fair prices. Keybe is the best way to boost your sales and grow your business. Present better answers to your clients across different channels understanding its history and anticipating possible requests and behaviours with AI and ML.

Show Notes:

1. Experience the next level of customer service with our omnichannel Smart Chat, powered by advanced sentiment analysis, intuitive suggested answers and automatic data enrichment. Stay connected with your customers across all channels, and seamlessly integrate all conversations and customer information into our CRM for effortless data entry and management.

2. The perfect solution for growing your sales opportunities and managing support tickets. With these powerful CRM and CDP tools, you can easily track and manage customer interactions and relationships, while also organizing and storing customer data in one central location. This provides you with a complete view of your sales pipeline and customer interactions, allowing you to identify trends and opportunities for growth. Plus, you can seamlessly integrate with other sales and marketing tools, allowing you to automate routine tasks and streamline your workflow.

2. Automate a wide range of business processes and tasks. From sending automatic responses and building conversational bots to creating social media ads and scheduling meetings, Moments has you covered. With our intuitive interface and powerful automation capabilities, you can streamline your workflow and easily integrate with Shopify, Woocommerce, Vtex, SalesForce, HubSpot and many more.

This episode is hosted by Maria Tariq, Global Communication Manager, Tkxel.

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