- Episode 11

AI in industrial automation: Evolution, applications, and future trends

Brian McCarson, CTO

Episode Summary:

In this Better Tech episode, Yasir hosts Brian McCarson, an expert in industrial automation with vast experience at Intel Corporation and currently at PackSize. The conversation delves into the evolution of AI over the last few decades, its applications in industrial automation, challenges faced in implementation, and insights on making AI solutions future-ready.

Show Notes:

1. Brian McCarson shares the inspiring journey of AI in industrial automation, from its humble beginnings with nested if-then statements to the revolutionary advancements in pattern recognition and computer vision technologies.

2. Dive into the practical applications of AI as they recount real-world scenarios, such as enhancing welding quality and optimizing operations for automakers like Audi. Discover how AI is making a tangible impact on solving significant customer challenges.

3. Explore the nitty-gritty of implementing AI at scale, from the challenges of assembling the right datasets to the crucial task of future-proofing solutions. They delve into the complexities and strategies for making AI scalable and adaptable for the future.

4. Uncover the sustainable side of AI in manufacturing as they discuss how the technology optimizes packaging processes, reducing waste and environmental impact. Learn how AI contributes to creating more efficient, eco-friendly practices in the manufacturing sector.

5. Brian McCarson offers invaluable advice to future CTOs, CIOs, and tech leaders, emphasizing the need to balance optimism with caution when adopting AI. Gain insights into the cautious yet forward-thinking approach required for successful AI integration in industrial settings.

This episode is hosted by Yasir Rizwan Saqib, CTO, Tkxel.

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