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 - Episode 10

AI in software development: The changing landscape of learning & skill acquisition

Christopher Calmeyn

Episode Summary:

In this episode of the Better Tech podcast, industry leader Christopher Calmeyn discusses the world of AI and ML. They delve into Chris’s background, from studying economics to working in currency investments, and his journey into the world of technology. Chris emphasizes the importance of data quality and its role in AI development, underlining the value of having a “human in the loop” to source, validate, and label data. Moreover, he explores the rapid adoption of AI in various aspects of life and the need for thoughtful consideration regarding its impact and potential liabilities.

Show Notes:

1.When understanding a problem, it’s critical to look at the data and evaluate its quality. Before running complex models, ensure that your data is reliable and valuable.

2. The rapid adoption of AI and its integration into our lives is exciting, but it’s crucial to approach it thoughtfully. Consider the open-ended problems and potential liabilities associated with AI applications.

3. In AI development, having a human in the loop can be a game-changer. They help source and validate data, which is essential for serving high-quality results and recommendations.

4. As technology evolves, we see AI becoming embedded in various aspects of society. However, this can lead to a shift in the way we think and process information. It’s essential to balance the benefits with critical thinking.

5. Access to data is becoming more open, but the true value lies in the information within a company’s ecosystem. These internal signals can lead to more accurate and relevant results in AI applications.

This episode is hosted by Yasir Rizwan Saqib, CTO, tkxel.

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