Power of People

 - Episode 10

Building a city of the future through inclusive team management

Igor Sakhnov

Episode Summary:

The way we work has changed beyond recognition this year. Pandemic has facilitated the team performances in so many ways, they have become more inclusive from engagement perspective, it has given flexibility hours and much more. This episode features Igor Sakhnov, Corporate Vice President, Engineering at Microsoft talking about the common challenges faced by the organisations building inclusive teams and creating a culture where people are respected and appreciated.

Show Notes:

1. Figuring out cultural differences, infrastructure & time zones problems are essential while building teams. For Example; If you can’t build bridges between teams and people are forced to work with that it can affect their engagement and ultimately their performance.

2. Before giving any kind of feedback, communicate the expectations of the team culture and the kind of culture the organisation wants to build. Understand and interact with the teams with all the differences, try to resolve their differences by communicating.

3. The ultimate goal of a business is the impact and success that depends upon the teams. In Order to gauge and measure the performance of remote teams, set up the goals and methods, measure & then execute them. Because organisations cannot run teams without clearly established goals.

4. Building inclusive teams is highly dependent upon the particular situation. Understand the needs and goals, assess whether the teams are ready to change, be mindful of the cultures, identify the change agents & lastly have feedback about it.

This episode is hosted by Umair Javed, Founder & CEO, Tkxel.

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