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Power of People

 - Episode 7

Building a strong partner ecosystem

Stuti Sureka

Episode Summary:

Having a strong partner ecosystem allows organizations to leverage the strengths of others and the ability to work with their partners as a blended team to provide value-added services and business outcomes. Yet, many businesses struggle with partner management. To learn how to go build a strong partner ecosystem that aligns with your company values, we at BetterTech podcast, chat with Stuti Sureka, Cloud & Technology Alliances Director, TIBCO. Having years of experience with successful negotiations and relationship management, Stuti details the tips and tricks of maintaining strong partner relationships.

Show Notes:

1. Having the right partner team with the right intentions means that every partner will contribute to the partners business as well as the overall growth of the host company.

2. The alignment depends on the type of partnership that you have. With cloud in the mix, the complexity keeps on increasing but to have the right type of partnership you need to prioritize which thing will yield the most ROI.

3. Enablement and alignment is the most difficult part of having a successful partner relation. The real test of a strong partner ecosystem is when partners continue to invest in the agreement after the initial wave of partnership.

4. Collaborative culture and human-centric approach go hand in hand whether it is building a product or a strong partner ecosystem.

This episode is hosted by Amna Omer, Global Communications Manager, Tkxel.

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