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The Business Truth

 - Episode 17

Building and scaling teams

Shahzeb Memon

Episode Summary:

Leading a fast-growing team is a uniquely challenging experience. This BetterTech episode features Shahzeb Memon, Global Head of TaaS (Transport as a Service), Swvl. According to Shahzeb, Implementing initiatives to help smooth the scaling process should be an organisation’s first step in building and scaling the teams. They include defining your company values, establishing company culture, and setting up a scalable management structure.

Show Notes:

1. A startup doesn’t really need highly skilled people in the early days, it really depends upon the different growth stages of the company. While hiring, companies should never compromise on their cultural values while bringing in new people.

2. Having a team and giving them autonomy is important. Hire people who are problem solvers and driven by purpose to scale and build teams. As leaders it’s important that the cultural values and vision of the organisation is always clear for the people to make sense who can make the way and break the wall.

3. Retaining the founding team sets up the base. It is about learning how to build the ground of the organisation and incentivise the founding team fairly. Incentive structures and stock options and equity structures drive the founding team in terms of personal and professional growth.

4. Involving the teams while decision making is one of the key competencies for effective coaching and to reach people on a human-to-human level to communicate better. It should not be about the founding team only, it should be about all the team members. As the company grows, the whole team should be involved in decision making and well aware.

This episode is hosted by Haseeb Khan, Director Innovation & Technology, Tkxel.

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