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 - Episode 11

Building the AI powered organization for this decade

Richard Foster

Episode Summary:

Artificial Intelligence has undoubtedly revolutionized every industry there is. The world is moving at a fast pace and we chat with Richard Foster-Fletcher, Responsible AI Advisor, and Founder,, about how to facilitate businesses with AI and how to connect the dots with other technologies and human abilities to chart a better path for all.

Show Notes:

1. The story so far has been about getting data as much as possible but that is changing now.

2. On one hand, 5G and IoT will create more data insights possible but on the other hand, they will create cybersecurity challenges.

3. The key to innovate successfully for enterprises especially is not to underestimate data as that is what gives you the real knowledge of what to deploy.

4. The other thing needed for AI-powered organizations is a culture that boosts functionality and understanding of the technology and its implications.

This episode is hosted by Umair Javed, Founder & CEO Tkxel.

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