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 - Episode 3

Building the AI-powered workforce: sustainable automation

Jeremy Martin, CTO, Fetcher

Episode Summary:

Fetcher serves as an outbound recruiting platform, streamlining candidate sourcing and outreach through automation. In this BetterTech podcast, Jeremy Martin, CTO at Fetcher, delves into the array of services offered by Fetcher and explores the far-reaching implications of generative AI and LLMs on the trajectory of the future.

Show Notes:

Fetcher  presents itself as a novel solution built upon a contemporary tech stack. Its infrastructure relies on a combination of containers and lambdas, facilitating seamless scalability. The company’s methodology revolves around a persistent commitment to consistency and ongoing refactoring.

Fetcher  adheres rigorously to GDPR regulations, along with UK-based privacy acts, in order to safeguard both their customers and their data. The company employs external vendors to centralize requests concerning the right to be forgotten. Furthermore, they undergo audits conducted by the ICO to assess their internal processes, ensuring the algorithms they utilize remain free from biases of any kind.

The trajectory of AI remains inherently uncertain; however, the domain of NLP, in particular, is poised for significant growth in the coming years. While presently, conveying complex tasks to machines for automation can be challenging, the future holds the promise of AI comprehending instructions effortlessly, streamlining processes, and accelerating speeds.

Generative AI and LLMs hold the potential to pose significant challenges to certain industries in the foreseeable future. Additionally, exercising extreme caution is of paramount importance when integrating them into operations, as unexpected issues can arise. The optimal strategy involves a gradual integration of AI into business practices, coupled with diligent oversight to preempt any unforeseen problems.

This episode is hosted by Dr. Shahzad Cheema, AI Coach and Strategist, Tkxel.

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