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Power of People

 - Episode 11

Career challenges & response strategies for the tech industry

Emily Omenski

Episode Summary:

A number of powerful forces are catalyzing change in the IT marketplace. Workers on the ground are expected to bear the brunt of the impact at the individual as well as organizational level. This episode features Emily Omenski to talk about what are the current tech career challenges and what organizations should opt for as responsive strategies to foster open healthy minds, healthy habits and ultimately excellent career growth.

Show Notes:

1. It’s important for colleges to prepare students for career challenges but having mentors in place for better career advice in the early years of work & to see that you can reach the next points in your career growth is crucial. 

2. One of the biggest technology challenges is the global solutions we are creating to impact lives, automating to recognize men’s power is immense and extremely important. People need to be accountable for these to go in the right direction & improve further. 

3. The response strategy of the organization should be about creating the openness to have conversations at every level, talking to people on the ground and enabling them to express their problems to understand their pain points and difficulties, ultimately solving these issues. 

4. Technology trends are bringing in so many challenges like how our minds are rewired by technology, especially by social media because the information has become abandoned and making it difficult for us to put our attention where we actually want to. Instead taking us away with a recommendation system affects decision making.

This episode is hosted by Amna Omer, Global Communications Manager, Tkxel.

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