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Power of People

 - Episode 16

Compliance vs. security in IT

Aysha Khan, CISO & CIO

Episode Summary: 

In this episode of the BetterTech podcast of “Compliance vs. Security in IT,” host Peggy Tsai talks with Aysha Khan, Chief Information Officer and Chief Security Officer at Treasure Data. They discuss the important differences and connections between following rules compliance and protecting data security in technology and data protection. Aysha shares her experience on how IT leaders are now often handling both areas to improve efficiency and protect their companies better. She talks about how important it is to think about security early when creating technology, encouraging a “security by design” approach. Aysha stresses that having a strong security plan is more important than just meeting the minimum rules. This episode offers useful insights into handling IT security and compliance with a proactive and integrated approach.

Show Notes:

1. Introduction to Aysha Khan, who serves as both the CIO and CISO at Treasure Data, discussing her dual role and its significance in integrating technology management with security oversight.

2. The episode explores the differences and connections between compliance and security within IT frameworks, highlighting why compliance should not be mistaken for complete security.

3. Aysha shares the challenges and advantages of managing both IT and security, emphasizing the strategic benefits such as increased efficiency and improved security measures from the outset of technology development.

4. The importance of a proactive approach to security is discussed, with Aysha advocating for the ‘security by design’ methodology, ensuring that security measures are integral from the beginning of any tech development.

5. The conversation concludes with insights into personal and professional development within cybersecurity, stressing the value of a growth mindset and continual learning to adapt to evolving security landscapes and challenges.

This episode is hosted by Peggy Tsai, Host, BetterTech

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