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Leading Business Innovation

 - Episode 21

Rightfoot breaking apart the consumer debt crisis

Deirdre Clute

Episode Summary:

In this BetterTech podcast, catch Haseeb Khan, VP of Innovation and Technology, Tkxel in conversation with, Deirdre Clute CEO & Cofounder Rightfoot. Rightfoot automates fragmented payments and helps customers smartly repay their debts with their app breaking apart the consumer debt crisis. Hundreds of developers use Rightfoot’s APIs to seamlessly power payments to student debt, credit card debt, and more.

Show Notes:

1. Financial institutions are not able to help consumers pay off monthly debts due to two-factor authentication or security breaches. Whereas, Rightfoot is able to commit consistent, reliable & timely payments due to API integrations being a leading enterprise solution in the market. 

2. Consumer debt can create insecurity, reduce wealth, harm families, and may slow the economy. Over half of Americans are carrying an imbalance on their credit cards and these debt traps are not easy to get out of.

3. Although the emergence of credit cards and other unsecured credit contributed, mortgages were the driving force in the past. But now Non-loan debt has become a significant contributor to financial insecurity for millions.

This episode is hosted by Haseeb Khan, VP of Innovation & Technology, Tkxel.

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