Tech Trends

 - Episode 33

Customer Acquisition: Win the Battle for Customers in 2022

Seif Amr

Episode Summary:

In this BetterTech episode, Seif Amr, COO & Co-Founder, Thndr App– a digital investment platform that is designed to simplify investing, talk with Amna Omer about how Thndr is facilitating access to the right tools and resources that can empower investors with the means to achieve financial freedom.

Seif also talked about where the company currently stands, how they grew their user base despite what many see as a cultural aversion to investing, and how users behave on the app.

Show Notes:

1. Acquisition begins with identifying your target customer and understanding their wants, needs and preferences. Combining the right media mix with experience leads to a much higher conversion rate.

2. Today’s consumers, especially more digital-native ones, expect to reach a brand through a variety of channels. By providing personalized content in their preferred channel, the brand can enact a long-term plan to gently persuade the customer to make a purchase.

3. In 2022 instead of customer acquisition, the most important KPI will be how much brands generate a loyal customer base, whose members organically spread their interest to their circles.

4. Customer acquisition costs make it easier to measure the effectiveness of your overall strategy, evaluate various acquisition methods and ensure long-term profitability. It is also a meaningful metric for potential investors

This episode is hosted by Amna Omer, Global Communication Manager, Tkxel.

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