Tech Trends

 - Episode 23

Cybersecurity and role of CISO

Graydon McKee

Episode Summary:

Cybercrime is increasingly affecting personal security and the stability of our society as a whole and the need for cybersecurity has never been greater. A CISO is responsible for establishing security strategy and ensuring data assets are protected. CISOs traditionally work alongside the CIOs to achieve these aims. This BetterTech episode features Graydon McKee, Chief Information Security. Graydon will be talking about the cybersecurity trends in 2020 and why there is a need for CISOs and what companies can do to educate their IT leaders.

Show Notes:

1. CISOs have a larger responsibility from taking care of technical aspects to the business processes as well. With ever increasing trends in cybersecurity, the need for CISOs is more than ever. As for information security officers, it’s about protecting all kinds of information sources in order to avoid data breaches.

2. Companies have information security directors instead of CISOs with the same role and responsibilities to protect data. But the importance of CISOs is to guide the company about the hows and whys of the cybersecurity and to protect the company’s property. That’s why a lot of companies hire IT people with relevant knowledge & experience.

3. There are no hard and fast rules to raise a CISO, it’s more of a cooperative thing to get the best outcomes. Companies can network globally with professional security organisations, particular discussion groups & meetings to educate their IT leaders.

4. Adoption of automation first in security is going to be a big thing. The understanding of automated platforms and measured approaches is necessary and this will be the future.

This episode is hosted by Amna Omer, Global Communications Manager, Tkxel.

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