Tech Trends

 - Episode 21

Delivering on the promise of artificial intelligence

Steve Orrin

Episode Summary:

The broad promise of artificial intelligence is that it will allow humans to make exponentially faster decisions and invoke deeper analytics. Industry captains and senior executives are realizing that AI is automating business processes, reducing the costs of the process, and enhancing the quality by the consistency of the outcomes. This BetterTech episode features Steve Orrin, Federal CTO, Intel Corporation. Steve will be talking about the future once you deliver on the promise of artificial intelligence for digitization and how to think about AI to get something out of it as ROI.

Show Notes:

1. AI and ML have achieved broader adoption into everyday lives. We have the necessary data and processes to drive AI. This data is directly linked and drives everything. That is why we’re seeing AI transitions as AI lives on data affecting every aspect of our lives, transforming how we do things.

2. We see this transformation from the digital to the AI age. This is about how AI and ML will augment change in what we do as we have the data sets. This AI evolution is going to drive other data transformations.

3. It is about creating an environment that cultivates innovation. It leverages people to do things with AI and modern technological approaches to solve enterprise problems and corporate business challenges. The key challenge is to scale the transitions.

4. The biggest key to creating really good AI is providing enough variety and diversity to distinguish the real world and make proper decisions. This is about having data security and protection processes, implementing governance models, and enforcing those to create viable AI products.

This episode is hosted by Umair Javed, Founder & CEO of Tkxel.

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