Leading Business Innovation

 - Episode 16

Digital innovation and artificial intelligence (AI)

Swathi Young

Episode Summary:

Digital transformation is imperative for all businesses, from SMBs to enterprises. This convergence of emerging technologies is rapidly changing the pace of innovation. This BetterTech episode features Swathi Young, Chief Technology Officer at Integrity Management Services, Inc. Swathi talks about groundbreaking technologies like AI, ML, data science and how they are enhancing human activities around us, what are the concerns and future expectations from these ever-evolving technologies.

Show Notes:

1. Big companies and organizations think that innovation s is only possible when you have loads of investments and resources. It can also help small businesses, by taking out innovative ideas and making funnels for our ultimate objectives. Don’t be afraid of going after innovation just because you have a small business, startups can be great at it.

2. AI is groundbreaking in its technology but more importantly in the ways, it has been applied. Robotics is ingrained with AI and ML. Netflix recommendations and Amazon robotics are examples of how these technologies are driving innovation.

3. AI integrating with AR/VR is changing the pace of innovation. This is the convergence of emerging technologies, like IoT, creating content graphically, mapping the environment for learning for spatial analysis. It has already been used by large organizations to enhance the social media experience through the natural language process and AI to analyse sentiments.

4. McKinsey Studies shows that diversity in teams increases your finances, ROI and revenue. Also, women are key to scaling up AI and data science and it’s important to have diversity while evaluating these technologies.

5. Essentially based on data, there are concerns about the outcomes of AI and ML impacting society because these bots don’t have enough racial and ethnic representation in their technologies.

This episode is hosted by Amna Omer, Global Communications Manager, Tkxel.

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