Leading Business Innovation

 - Episode 23

Mastering digital transformation in mid-market organizations

Eric Sluss, CIO

Episode Summary:

In this episode, Colin McCarthy welcomes Eric Sluss, an accomplished Chief Information Officer, to discuss the intricacies of digital transformation in businesses. Eric shares his expertise on how digital strategies can enhance operational efficiency and foster innovation, the importance of change management, and the challenges of workforce upskilling in today’s digital era. Additionally, he provides insights into the impact of emerging technologies and offers strategic advice for mid-market organizations embarking on their digital transformation journey.

Show Notes:

1. Eric Sluss, an accomplished Chief Information Officer, shares his insights on how digital transformation strategies can significantly improve business efficiency and drive innovation, shedding light on the process of digitizing operations and streamlining processes.

2. The discussion focuses on the importance of change management in digital transformation. Eric emphasizes how managing change is essential for the successful integration and adoption of new technologies within organizations.

3. Eric and Colin explore the challenges organizations face in upskilling and reskilling their workforce for a digital future. They discuss strategies and best practices for equipping employees with the necessary skills and capabilities.

4. Eric delves into the impact of emerging technologies, particularly on mid-market organizations. He highlights how these technologies are reshaping business models and operational efficiencies.

5. Drawing on his extensive experience in crafting and executing strategic plans for digital transformation, Eric offers valuable advice to mid-market companies at the onset of their digital journey, focusing on the importance of comprehensive roadmaps and strategic implementation.

This episode is hosted by Colin McCarthy, Host, BetterTech

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