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 - Episode 16

Driving innovation with AI and GenAI at EY

Catriona Campbell MBE, CTIO

Episode Summary: 

In this episode of the BetterTech podcast, host Shahzad Cheema talks about driving innovation with AI and Gen AI with Catriona Campbell MBE, CTIO & AI Strategy Leader at EY, UK and Ireland. Catriona shares her story, starting from working in financial services to creating her own company focused on human-computer interaction, and later joining EY. She discusses how businesses are using AI today, stressing the need for using AI responsibly. She also talks about her work with the Scottish AI Alliance, which helps promote the safe and ethical use of artificial intelligence. The episode covers the challenges businesses face when adding AI to their operations and how artificial intelligence can make jobs more interesting by removing repetitive tasks. Catriona offers insights into the future of AI and its potential to change how we work.

Show Notes:

1. Catriona Campbell discusses her transition from psychology and computer science to becoming CTIO at EY, highlighting her focus on human computer interaction.

2. She details EY’s use of AI in improving payroll systems and client services, showcasing broader applications for operational efficiency.

3. Campbell explores the implementation of ethical and responsible AI, emphasizing adherence to regional regulations and a principled approach.

4. Overview of the Scottish artificial intelligence Alliance led by Campbell, promoting ethical artificial intelligence practices to establish Scotland as a leader in responsible AI.

5. Discussion on the future of AI, focusing on the potential of next-generation models to automate routine tasks and enhance job satisfaction.

This episode is hosted by Shahzad Cheema, Host, BetterTech

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