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Leading Business Innovation

 - Episode 28

Dynamics of preparing & modeling data for LLM consumption

Ethan Ding, CEO and Co-Founder

Episode Summary:

In this episode of the BetterTech podcast titled “Dynamics of preparing & modeling data for LLM consumption”, Peggy Tsai hosts Ethan Ding, CEO and Co-Founder of TextQL. They discuss the challenges and innovations in preparing and modeling data for large language models (LLMs) in various industries, including sports and healthcare. Ethan shares his personal journey and the founding story of TextQL, emphasizing the importance of data in today’s technology-driven world. He explains the concept of “connective tissue” in data architecture and how it enhances the efficiency of LLMs in processing and interpreting complex data. The discussion also covers the significance of data quality, the impact of regulatory environments on AI deployment, and the future challenges and opportunities for TextQL in the evolving landscape of AI and data management. This episode provides valuable insights into the practical aspects of implementing AI and managing data at scale in a corporate setting.

Show Notes:

1. Ethan Ding shares his global upbringing and path from rural China to co-founding Textql, highlighting his transition from data teams to entrepreneurship.

2. Discussion on the design of modern data stacks for large language models, emphasizing the crucial role of data architecture in enterprise environments.

3. Introduction of the concept of “connective tissue” in data models to ensure high accuracy and reliability in business applications.

4. Examination of the challenges in deploying large language models, including the necessity for a unique blend of AI knowledge and data engineering skills.

5. Future trends for TextQL, focusing on the shift towards decentralized, real-time data processing to empower quicker business decisions.

This episode is hosted by Peggy Tsai, Host, BetterTech

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