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Power of People

 - Episode 15

Balancing operational efficiencies and business growth

Angelic Gibson, CIO

Episode Summary:

In the “Balancing Operational Efficiencies and Business Growth” episode on BetterTech, host Jocelyn Houle talks with Angelic Gibson, CIO of AvidXchange. They dive into how AvidXchange combines operational efficiency with growth, focusing on Angelic’s strategy in linking IT operations to product development. Highlighting the Invoice Accelerator platform, Angelic shares how cloud solutions and AI contribute to both internal productivity and external product innovation. She emphasizes the importance of understanding business processes and the role of communication in leadership. This episode offers insights into achieving growth through operational efficiencies, drawing valuable lessons from AvidXchange’s experience.

Show Notes:

1. Angelic Gibson discusses her role as CIO at AvidXchange, focusing on the integration of IT operations with product development to foster operational efficiencies and business growth stimulation.

2. She delves into the transformative role of cloud solutions and AI in streamlining accounts payable processes, with a spotlight on the Invoice Accelerator platform’s impact on improving cash flow for both suppliers and buyers.

3. Angelic explores the adoption of generative AI, sharing insights on leveraging this technology to enhance productivity across the organization while emphasizing the importance of data privacy and security.

4. The conversation covers AvidXchange’s strategic use of a platform-centric architecture, highlighting its benefits in scalability, innovation, and the rapid introduction of new market solutions.

5. Angelic emphasizes the significance of communication skills and a deep understanding of business processes in tech leadership, advocating for the development of these skills to guide teams through tech-driven transformations successfully.

This episode is hosted by Jocelyn Houle, Host, BetterTech.

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