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Leading Business Innovation

 - Episode 26

Future trends: The evolution of tinyML and embedded systems

Prateek Tripathi, CEO

Episode Summary:

In this episode of Better Tech, focusing on the evolution and future prospects of TinyML and embedded systems, Peggy Tsai engages in a compelling conversation with Prateek Tripathi, the founder and CEO of AIRS ML.

Prateek discusses the challenges and opportunities in the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in embedded systems, particularly in the manufacturing industry and the challenges of convincing traditional industries to adopt AI and the potential of using analog signal processing for low-power systems.

Show Notes:

1. For CTOs and CIOs in manufacturing, TinyML is a game-changer. It seamlessly integrates AI on the factory floor while addressing data privacy concerns. It’s not just about efficiency; it’s about securely evolving Industry 4.0.

2. Embedding AI comes with challenges. Pruning, quantization—maintaining accuracy is crucial. TinyML simplifies with specialized training, making it practical for embedded systems. Dive into the future of efficient AI.

3. Imagine AI in low-power systems. Analog signal processing opens new frontiers. It’s not just a shift; it’s a revolution. Learn how AIRS ML explores the potential of analog, a boon for countries with limited power resources.

4. The emergence of application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) and the incorporation of analog signal processing are identified as key elements shaping the trajectory of TinyML in various industries.

This episode is hosted by Peggy Tsai, Host at BetterTech.

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