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 - Episode 6

AI & Future of Synthetic Data: Threats and Defenses

Mike Price, CTO

Episode Summary:

In this episode of Better Tech, we dive deep into the world of synthetic data, generative AI, and their impact on cybersecurity. Join us as we explore the technology, potential threats, ethical considerations, and the promising applications of generative AI. Our guest, Mike Price, the Chief Technology Officer at ZeroFox, shares his insights and experiences from his extensive career in cybersecurity.

Show Notes:

1. Generative AI involves using artificial intelligence for creating synthetic data and generative adversarial networks to create realistic media, such as images, video, audio, or text, often indistinguishable from real content.

2.  Synthetic media, like deepfakes, pose significant threats to cybersecurity, with nation-states and cybercriminals using them to manipulate sentiment, deceive individuals, and commit fraud.

3. Generative AI has positive applications, including improving cybersecurity by automating tasks like classification and generating informative content. It can also be applied to various other industries, making it a versatile tool.

4. While generative AI is promising, it is still in its early stages, and ongoing research and improvements are necessary to address limitations. The technology’s impact on industries like intelligence may lead to greater automation in the future.

This episode is hosted by Haseeb Khan, VP of Technology, Tkxel.

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