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The Business Truth

 - Episode 26

Future Trends and Innovations in Model-Based Enterprises

Todd Kackley, CIO

Episode Summary: 

In this episode of the BetterTech podcast about future trends and innovations, host Sophia Moshasha interviews Todd Kackley, VP and CIO at Textron. Todd shares insights into his journey in IT, starting from ERP consulting to leading Textron’s technology initiatives. He discusses the importance of model-based enterprise and digital twins, highlighting how these technologies enhance product lifecycle management from design to manufacturing and sustainment. Todd explains Future Trends and Innovations, that how Textron uses augmented and virtual reality to improve both internal operations and customer engagement. He also addresses the challenges of integrating digital systems across ecosystems and emphasizes the need for aligning IT strategies with business objectives. Throughout the conversation, Todd underscores the value of people, process, and technology in driving innovation and competitive advantage at Textron.

Show Notes:

1. Todd Kackley, VP and CIO of Textron, has been recognized as the 2024 HMG Global Leadership Institute Large Caps CIO of the Year.
2. Kackley’s career in IT began in ERP and consulting, leading to a 16-year tenure at Textron, where he advanced through various leadership roles.
3. At Textron, he focuses on model-based engineering, creating digital twins to simulate and manage the entire product lifecycle from design to sustainment.
4. Digital twins and augmented reality are used at Textron to enhance design modifications, reduce risks, and improve remote support capabilities.
5. Kackley emphasizes aligning IT projects with Textron’s strategic business goals and fostering collaboration across IT, manufacturing, and engineering teams.

This episode is hosted by Sophia Moshasha, Host, BetterTech

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