Smart Cities

 - Episode 15

B2B software world: Future trends & technologies to watch

Tyler Churchil, Principal, Bonfire Ventures

Episode Summary:

Bonfire Ventures is a venture capitalist firm with a keen interest in investing in B2B seed-stage companies. In this podcast, Tyler Churchill, Principal at Bonfire Ventures, discusses various investment trends, the notable shifts observed in the startup industry, and emphasises the significance of vertical software solutions.

Show Notes:

1. Entrepreneurs should ensure they maintain laser focus on identifying and understanding the problem at hand, while also creating a sense of urgency for its timely resolution. They should not only evaluate the current problem but also anticipate its growth over the next five to seven years. Furthermore, they need to analyze how their proposed solution will evolve to cater to the audience’s changing needs.

2. Bonfire Ventures primarily invests in B2B technology and service components. In the past, they have invested in various sectors, including Fintechs, businesses dealing with payments, consumption-oriented enterprises, and API-based businesses. Although B2B SaaS is a significant focus for them due to its potential to drive B2B tech and adaptation, it is not their sole area of interest.

3. Vertical software companies offer unique insights and workflows that set them apart from the competition. Due to the specific requirements of different industries, purpose-built solutions are necessary, as trying to fit square pegs into round holes won’t adequately solve their problems. The vertical software industry offers abundant opportunities for intelligence and automation, which should be actively pursued.

4. Bonfire Ventures’ investment thesis centers around B2B seed-stage companies. They typically provide funding ranging from two to three million dollars, and their investment approach includes flexibility. The company is keen on leading and co-leading seed rounds for B2B founders who have already launched a product in the market and are gaining early consumer attraction.

This episode is hosted by Umair Javed, CEO, Tkxel.

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