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 - Episode 4

Generative AI: Redefining Industries with Innovation

David McCall, VP of Innovations

Episode Summary:

In this insightful BetterTech podcast, David McCall, VP of Innovation at QTS Data Centers, delves into the pivotal role of innovation, shedding light on diverse AI use cases. He further intricately explores the integration of generative AI into everyday life, providing a nuanced perspective on its significance and potential benefits.

Show Notes:

1. David emphasises QTS’s interconnected environment, where teams collaborate seamlessly instead of working in isolation. This fosters a deeper grasp of feedback, enabling concerted efforts for enhancement. The company places significant value on customer input, with teams collaboratively addressing issues and collectively progressing based on feedback, all while maintaining innovation as their central objective.

2. Encouraging innovation within an organisation can be quite challenging. With global growth moving rapidly, QTS tackles this by organising both internal and external summits where employees and vendors collaborate to brainstorm innovative ideas for future growth. David emphasises that an atmosphere free from fear or punishment is essential for fostering innovation, motivating individuals to explore and learn through their inventive efforts.

3. Generative AI, driven by its creative potential and versatile utility, is poised to reshape industries by fueling inventive ideas and facilitating seamless learning of operational concepts, making its integration a pivotal driver of holistic growth.

4. Before integrating generative AI into all operations, several critical factors demand consideration. Caution is paramount, placing governance at the forefront of decision-making. It’s crucial to assess and establish boundaries thoughtfully. Furthermore, while these models offer immense potential, it’s essential to recognise the risk of hallucinations or adverse decisions due to their unlimited capabilities.

This episode is hosted by Yasir Rizwan, CTO, & Mahnoor Abid, Global Communication Manager, Tkxel.

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