Leading Business Innovation

 - Episode 11

Getting started with data-driven marketing

Anthony Lombardo

Episode Summary:

Data-driven marketers gain insights and trends from numerical data to develop personalised marketing strategies. This BetterTech episode features Anthony Lombardo, Senior Marketing Strategist & Technologist at Commvault. Let’s hear from Anthony about the benefits of adopting a data-driven marketing approach, what checkpoints are to be considered and why companies struggle with implementing data-driven marketing plans.

Show Notes:

1. Data driven marketing is using data to plan, guide and execute your campaign. It removes the contradicting opinions that come in the way of progress sometimes and creates consensus. Data driven approach is about creating or increasing agility. It enables you to respond quicker, inject new ideas and test them.

2. Analyzing data in data driven digital marketing starts with trying to create a basis for your campaign, gathering from first and third party resources as much data as possible. And then from planning to execute the campaign with the right data points being tested.

3. Companies struggle with data driven marketings because they don’t know what and how to handle this amount of data and whether their plan is working or not. Secondly, the funnel they create did not have the ability to make the changes because they couldn’t describe the matrices or stages of the funnel to measure the success.

4. When adopting data driven marketing, make sure whatever you are testing is meaningful to the fundamental results. Because most of the time there are fundamental flaws with design tests and it gives you false results.

This episode is hosted by Amna Omer, Global Communications Manager, Tkxel.

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