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Smart Cities

 - Episode 14

Getting the most out of the cloud with IBM cloud’s CTO

Hillrey Hunter

Episode Summary:

BetterTech Host Haseeb Khan, VP of Innovation & Technology Tkxel, chats with Hillery Hunter, CTO of IBM Cloud; and they talk about how to build a Cloud, what makes an industry-specific Cloud and her thoughts on what’s next in the Cloud space. Getting the most out of IBM Cloud’s CTO, Hillery as she also talked about her career path from being an individual contributor to CTO at IBM.

Show Notes:

Hillery shares that the Cloud industry has changed tremendously and it used to be a place to save data and talks about what is Cloud Computing, what makes an industry-specific Cloud and her thoughts on what’s new & next in the Cloud space. 

Special ingredients IBM brings to the Cloud market for its customers is working with various clients to keep their critical infrastructures up and aiming for being a critical industry cloud provider. IBM is focusing on contextualizing the cloud for major industries and critical workloads.

The ecosystem to compose the applications for a cloud is different at every industry level. The ecosystem of the different users of the cloud that an enterprise can draw upon in order to then create their end solution is just as important. 

This episode is hosted by Haseeb Khan, VP of Technology, Tkxel.

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