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The Business Truth

 - Episode 21

Global digital transformation and Saudi Arabia vision 2030

Thamer Shaker, CEO

Episode Summary:

In this episode of BetterTech, host Yasir Rizwan speaks with Thamer Shaker, CEO of MYSAN Management Consulting, about the role and impact of digital transformation in today’s world. Thamer emphasizes the importance of change management and adapting to technological advancements in today’s business world. He elaborates on Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, focusing on economic diversification and leveraging technology for societal progress. The conversation also covers the challenges in implementing change, the role of effective leadership, and the significance of aligning organizational strategies with national visions like Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

Show Notes:

1. Thamer Shaker, CEO of MYSAN management consulting, discusses the significance of digital transformation in today’s business landscape. He emphasizes the role of effective change management and strategy implementation in adapting businesses to technological advancements.

2. The conversation highlights Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, a strategic plan aimed at economic diversification and leveraging technology for societal advancement. Thamer elaborates on how this vision is influencing businesses and society in Saudi Arabia.

3. Thamer addresses the challenges encountered in the process of digital transformation. He stresses the importance of understanding an organization’s current state, identifying gaps, and carefully planning the implementation of changes.

4. The role of leadership in driving digital transformation is a key topic. Thamer underlines the need for leaders to develop skills and mindsets that align with digital strategies and the broader objectives of national visions like Vision 2030.

5. Thamer shares insights into the significance of aligning business strategies with comprehensive plans like Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, ensuring that businesses contribute to and benefit from national development goals.

This episode is hosted by Yasir Rizwan, CTO, Tkxel.

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