Smart Cities

 - Episode 6

How blockchain’s decentralization narrative can redefine data privacy

Maria Pia

Episode Summary:

In this BetterTech episode, Maria Pia, CEO DeepTech Code and Blockchain Expert Advisor unravels how Blockchain technology’s decentralization narrative is redefining data privacy. She offers a comprehensive analysis on the importance of Blockchain, its relationship with cybersecurity and how it can help combat novel cyber attacks going forward.

Show Notes:

1. Hackers have found creative ways to manipulate data on home devices so Blockchain helps to firstly secure your identity and your devices.

2. Blockchain helps with facilitating encryption of data that helps to secure your individual identity.

3. Through Blockchain, data transparency and discreteness is maintained that ensures privacy is secured – which is one of the primary benefits of merging Blockchain technology in cybersecurity solutions.

4. Blockchain also helps to preserve intellectual property rights and the individual also retains the right to use the data in the terms they want.

This episode is hosted by Amna Omer, Global Communications Manager, Tkxel.

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