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Leading Business Innovation

 - Episode 20

How to master product-led growth strategy in B2B businesses

Mickey Alon

Episode Summary:

BetterTech Host Umair Javed, CEO, Tkxel, chats with Mickey Alon,  CTO & Founder Gainsight PX, about building durable growth using a Product-Led strategy in B2B businesses growth. They talk about the mission of GainSight and how it is helping businesses increase product adoption, prevent churn, and grow customer communities. GainSight is a durable growth platform for customer success, product, and community teams. 

Show Notes:

1. Product is now the growth engine for companies. Features and usage are the primary drivers for customer acquisition, retention, and expansion.

2. Company needs to be more understanding and focus on the customer oriented journey. Sales and marketing teams need to understand the adoption journey of the user.

3. With a product-led approach, the focus shifts to customers, as they are using the product much sooner. Product teams are tied more closely to customer acquisition, as they are creating both the product and the marketing material.

4. A few foundational elements of a product-led growth strategy would be UX to address the main points, be open minded about the solution available working with design partners, understanding the timing of the market, to be transparent about pricing and have your prospects experience the value of your product.

This episode is hosted by Umair Javed, Founder & CEO, Tkxel.

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