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Smart Cities

 - Episode 16

Balancing automation and human expertise in data operations

Audrey Smith, COO

Episode Summary:

This episode of the BetterTech podcast, titled “Balancing Automation and Human Expertise in Data Operations,” features a talk with Audrey Smith, COO of MLtwist. Host Peggy Tsai and Smith dive into how people and machines work together in managing data. Smith talks about her journey from being a lawyer to working in tech and emphasizes the need for a human touch in tech processes. They discuss the challenges of organizing data, ensuring it’s accurate, and the importance of keeping a balance between quality, time, and costs. Smith also highlights how MLtwist works towards honest AI by being open about where their data comes from. This episode is all about finding the right mix between using technology and human insights to make AI models better.

Show Notes:

1. Audrey Smith recounts her journey from being a lawyer to the COO of MLtwist, highlighting her transition into tech and the importance of blending human insights with automation in data operations.

2. The discussion emphasizes the critical balance between leveraging automation in AI and retaining human expertise, underscoring the role of human judgment in ensuring data quality and integrity.

3. Key challenges in data operations are explored, including the intricacies of data labeling and the importance of selecting the right tools and strategies to address unique project needs effectively.

4. MLtwist’s approach to responsible AI is detailed, focusing on the commitment to transparency, addressing biases, and fostering ethical AI practices through innovative data sourcing and development methodologies.

5. Future directions for data operations and AI are considered, with insights into the evolving landscape of technology regulation, the impact of AI ethics, and the continuous need for integrated, strategic approaches to cybersecurity and data management.

This episode is hosted by Peggy Tsai, Host at BetterTech.

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