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Leading Business Innovation

 - Episode 18

Hybrid workforce & building teams

Ryan Heath

Episode Summary:

Over the past 18 months, most organizations have experienced some degree of fracturing in social connections but the hybrid work has created new requirements for effectively connecting teams that must work together to achieve shared outcomes. This BetterTech episode features Ryan Heath, CTO-ConvergeOne Government Solutions. Ryan talks about how organisations can make adjustments to fit this hybrid workforce model for better operations management and to gain standardization across the board.

Show Notes:

1. Hybrid work culture can be messy but if managed correctly, it can provide various facilities like mobility across the organisation, and reach to various resources across the globe to get the work done. This requires a good strategy to standardize the models across the organisation that ultimately shapes the long term goals.

2. Culture starts from day one. While onboarding the teams virtually, make sure that the people have access to tools and resources, align them with a group of people to answer their queries and introduce them to other teams.

3. Vendor management in the covid era has been a difficult task, especially for new market players. Having continuous meetings, more personal touch and more interactions with the vendors is the key.

4. The B2B side focuses on solutions selling. Marketing and advertising to these in hybrid work systems has been easier as compared to the B2C marketplace.

This episode is hosted by Amna Omer, Global Communications Manager, Tkxel.

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