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 - Episode 12

Impacts of AI & data analytics on production industry

Hanno Basse, CTO

Episode Summary:

In this episode of Better Tech, Jocelyn Houle dives deep into the world of visual effects and the entertainment industry with Hanno Basse, CTO at Digital Domain. Hanno shares insights into the evolving landscape of content creation, the role of AI in shaping realistic digital characters, and the challenges and opportunities in the era of streaming services.

Show Notes:

1. AI technologies collaborate with human creativity, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in visual storytelling.

2. They discuss the ways in which machine learning has transformed traditional filmmaking techniques, from on-set interactions to the creation of digital characters.

3. Intricacies of building high-quality datasets for machine learning in the visual effects domain, emphasizing the importance of precision and manual annotation.

4. Insights into the stringent security measures in the visual effects industry, especially when dealing with sensitive data related to A-list actors.

5. The role of AI as a tool that enhances, rather than replaces, human creativity in sculpting digital art and pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling.

This episode is hosted by Jocelyn Houle, Host at BetterTech. 

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