Leading Business Innovation

 - Episode 17

Intelligent automation: Driving business transformation

Spiros Liolis

Episode Summary:

Digital transformations were born out of a need to become more efficient, agile, and deliver value and better customer experiences. Organizations must adopt these new and emerging technologies to keep pace with the competition and respond to customer and market demands. In this BetterTech episode, Spiros and Umair Javed talk about characteristics organizations should have to take initiatives for digital transformation.

Show Notes:

1. Automation has taken up several human tasks in various ways like RPA. Intelligence automation is to go beyond human capabilities and think out of the box, using any kind of thinking that humans are aware of but unable to do.

2. Technology transformation is about challenging the status quo and through that, we will see convergence. We are going to explore the ways we haven’t thought of before, we will come up with intelligent solutions for healthcare, manufacturing, automotive industries, and production lines.

3. Companies need to invest in their people and enable them to do the things they like. This enables the company to move forward and it’s not possible without human resources, business processes, or operations. Organizations need to look at these elements of people-person technology to succeed further.

4. CTO’s have evolved over the years and become more instrumental. Technology is an enabling factor in everything businesses do. That is why CTOs look beyond that whatever the technology supports and the human element as well.

This episode is hosted by Umair Javed, Founder & CEO, Tkxel.

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