The Business Truth

 - Episode 13

Leading a global businesses

Catherine Wolfe

Episode Summary:

The pandemic has been tough on business globally but the tech industry offers some insights that can make these global market operations relatively more efficient. However, cultural barriers is one area where even many tech businesses struggle. Finding the right cultural fit can help speed up the business processes and build customer relationships, if managed effectively. In this BetterTech episode Hear Catherine Wolfe, President and CEO, Global Growth Markets, Wolters Kluwer talking about leading global businesses during the pandemic while addressing socio-cultural barriers.

Show Notes:

1. Managing teams remotely with an effective leadership style can ease the transition that impacts the global businesses during pandemic. Interest and curiosity to learn helps you get over the cultural fit and helps to build relationships while entering the global business market.

2. Getting the right customer insights is necessary as the market is changing really quickly. So businesses are investing towards making their operations more automated to get better customer insights.

3. Businesses need to keep 3 things in mind while entering the global market; to be aware of assumptions about culture, openness to learning and curiosity to build relationships.

4. Not considering culture as a barrier and treating it as a conversation point will help business grow globally.

This episode is hosted by Amna Omer, Global Communications Manager, Tkxel.

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