Startup Series

 - Episode 9

Mindfulness meets technology

Suze Yalof Schwartz

Episode Summary:

This BetterTech episode features Suze Yalof, CEO and Founder of Unplug Meditation, talking about how the wellness industry is integrating the emerging technology trends and how future startup leaders can expand their businesses by outsourcing people globally and bringing in versatile talents.

Show Notes:

1. Technology apps are serving and providing people with the tools to deal with stress, to learn things and to connect globally. 

2. Technology is unbelievable at enhancing and providing solutions to our daily life activities. It enables us to connect and access people over the globe, letting us learn to do things like cook, workout and so much more.

3. Biggest challenge for a CEO is that you are responsible for the success and growth of the business. In order to grow and maximise the success, outsource and bring in people from different backgrounds to do the job.

4. Advice for future startup leaders is not to be afraid. Explore, learn and conquer new skills, focus on your vision, come up with strategies, relook into your plans, outsource people for versatility in processes and just enjoy the journey.

This episode is hosted by Haseeb Khan, Director Innovation & Technology, Tkxel.

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