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 - Episode 5

Exploring the transformative potential of AI in healthcare

Sonal Panda, Principal

Episode Summary:

In this BetterTech podcast episode, Sonal Panda, Principal at Tau Ventures, underscores the significance of health and wellness, delving into the value of user-guiding apps that maintain consistency. She also notes the ability of startup apps to serve a wide audience with accuracy, while shedding light on the challenges they encounter in the healthcare industry’s competitive landscape.

Show Notes:

1. Sonal emphasises how apps foster consistent healthy habits among users, addressing the need for lifestyle change. She underscores the value of maintaining consistency for tangible results and praises app strategies that provide comprehensive roadmaps, effectively explaining the significance of timely exercise.

2. Sonal identifies the disparities between conventional healthcare and innovative startup apps. She explains that traditional healthcare, burdened by heavy demand, often follows a generalised approach, while apps cater extensively to a wider audience, offering personalised diagnoses for each patient

3. The metabolic health sector proves costly due to substantial R&D and the high expenses related to technology components. Consequently, these services remain inaccessible to the broader population, hindering potential profits for the healthcare sector. The industry grapples with two primary challenges: validating the value of their innovations and generating revenue throughout the B2B and B2C phases.

4. The integration of AI into healthcare has yielded promising outcomes that excite experts in the field. Sonal is particularly optimistic about advancements in oncology, highlighting improvements in mammogram sensitivity and specificity, as well as enhanced precision in treatment. Additionally, AI’s adoption holds potential for cost reduction, streamlined claims processing, improved administrative efficiency, and accelerated initial information collection through efficient AI voice agents, ultimately expediting the care delivery process.

This episode is hosted by Mahnoor Abid, Global Communication Manager, Tkxel.

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