Startup Series

 - Episode 12

Raising capital & startup growth

Jordan Olivas

Episode Summary:

This BetterTech episode features Umair Javed, CEO of Tkxel, in conversation with Jordan Olivas, CEO of Qisstpay, about how they are powering the best checkout experience across the world and how Qisstpay is enabling low-cost alternatives through highly specialized channels in order to convert the customers as part of their value proposition process.

Show Notes:

1. Businesses need to look at checkout experiences as a brand. People have abandoned cards because of bad checkout experiences, and e-commerce businesses focus on getting leads instead of focusing on the essential step or experience of the buying process, which is checkout.

2. In the tech space, it’s hard to remove the friction in such e-payment processes. Qisstpay is focused on improving the checkout process and increasing conversion rates for their end customers & retailers by providing one-step checkout.

3. The fintech industry is full of challenges; finding a common infrastructure to work with and understanding the startup ecosystem’s meaning is crucial. This market is evolving as it understands the startup ecosystem, and 95% of the founders and investors know that this ecosystem is built out of mutual understanding & partnerships.

4. Enabling teams to make the best decisions without having to cross and look for the CEO’s approval fosters scalability.

This episode is hosted by Umair Javed, Founder & CEO of Tkxel.

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