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Leading Business Innovation

 - Episode 15

Reinventing HRM with machine learning

Stylianos Kampakis

Episode Summary:

Artificial intelligence and machine learning has been around for a long time now and companies have been making use of it. There are so many tools and businesses are exploring new avenues to employ it. Today in this BetterTech podcast, we have Stylianos Kampakis, CEO, The Tesseract Academy with us to talk about how businesses can reinvent human resource management with machine learning and artificial intelligence. Stylianos will also be talking about future employment of these tools in HR.

Show Notes:

1. Uses of ML and AI are still under exploration but there are uses in terms of educating & training employees. companies and industries are using these for applications like personalization, recommendation systems etc. Personalised training is one field which can speed up the learning and training processes.

2. AI is revolutionising employee engagement & workforce data analytics has enhanced business intelligence. Businesses can focus on predictive measures and applications instead of exploring and experimenting with the data. With AI in HR, we are seeing Increments in performances, human level performers & they will become more accessible.

3. Theory of super intelligence is that machines are smarter than us, these technologies are more accessible than ever. Startups and individuals are able to use these and they don’t have to develop from scratch these days. But over reliance on AI can reduce human touch and affect many professions including HR.

4. Managers and organisations are not initiating and don’t have AI educating and training centres at the workplace. They should boost educational initiatives and have workshops, so that their people and decision makers are well informed about AI.

This episode is hosted by Amna Omer, Global Communications Manager, Tkxel.

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