Tech Trends

 - Episode 52

Resilient IT infrastructure for financial services

Walt Carter, CIO

Episode Summary:

In the latest episode of BetterTech, host Sophia Moshasha welcomes Walt Carter, former Chief Digital Officer & CIO at Homestar Financial Corporation, to discuss “Resilient IT Infrastructure for Financial Services.” The conversation dives deep into the evolution of IT infrastructure in the financial sector, emphasizing the importance of resilience and adaptability in today’s rapidly changing technological landscape. Walt shares his extensive experience in digital transformation within financial services, providing valuable insights into the intersection of technology and business.

Show Notes:

1. Walt Carter shares his journey from a technology background into the realm of financial services, outlining the impact and influence of his varied experiences on his approach to digital transformation in the financial sector.

2. The discussion delves into the importance of resilient and adaptable IT infrastructure within financial services. Walt emphasizes how crucial high availability and robust systems are for meeting the demands of the modern financial business landscape.

3. The episode explores the challenges in adopting emerging technologies in financial services, with a focus on the hurdles posed by regulatory constraints and economic considerations. Walt provides insights into how these factors can hinder the integration of new technological advancements.

4. Cybersecurity’s critical role in ensuring a secure and robust IT infrastructure is highlighted. Walt discusses the ongoing threats faced by financial institutions and underscores the necessity of comprehensive cybersecurity measures to protect data and systems.

5. Throughout the podcast, Walt offers valuable perspectives on how technology and finance are increasingly intertwined, stressing the need for the financial sector to evolve and adapt in the face of rapid technological changes.

This episode is hosted by Sophia Moshasha, Host, BetterTech

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