Leading Business Innovation

 - Episode 14

Revolutionising e-commerce with Shopify

Chase Clymer

Episode Summary:

E-commerce has revolutionised retail. It has evolved to meet the changing needs of people, and to make online shopping easier for the modern day customer. These e-commerce trends are proof that e commerce isn’t just rapidly growing, it’s here to stay. Today in this BetterTech we have Chase Clymer, Co-founder of Electric Eye with us to talk about upcoming e-commerce trends and how Shopify is revolutionising the new retailers industry.

Show Notes:

1. Shopify empowered growth of new businesses who could not have all the resources and feature sets. Shopify helped them focus on different objectives like building design, helping with user experience & customer experience, building custom features and marketing etc.

2. In Scaling strategy paid advertising is not the only part where businesses need to scale up. It’s a much more expensive method to achieve these days. Paid mediation of a business should never outlay its organic traffic, make the content work.

3. Don’t spend on marketing unless the business is generating sales organically, until you have figured your product market fit out. Some foolproof strategies apart from investing on content to increase sales are email automation, automate touch-points through texts, push notifications.

4. In the coming years, businesses are gonna diversify their marketing streams, people will understand the power of automation, hybrid businesses will take on and there will be more investments in e-commerce businesses.

This episode is hosted by Amna Omer, Global Communications Manager, Tkxel.

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