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Tech Trends

 - Episode 51

Role of technology in people-led businesses

Jon Bostock, CEO

Episode Summary:

In this episode of BetterTech, Peggy Tsai engages in a compelling conversation with John Bostock, CEO of LEAF Home, exploring the pivotal role of technology in people-led businesses. The episode delves into LEAF Home’s journey, the impact of AI and machine learning on home improvement, and the intersection of sustainability and technology in the industry.

Show Notes:

1. John discusses LEAF Homes’ growth, starting from its core product to becoming a nationwide player in the home improvement industry.

2. The discussion emphasizes how technology, particularly AI and machine learning, serves as a conduit to deliver a seamless and frictionless experience for customers.

3. John explains how technology plays a crucial role in making sustainable products, ensuring they are both environmentally friendly and effective for consumers.

4. Addressing the challenges posed by economic uncertainties, high-interest rates, and consumer caution, John highlights the importance of technology in providing cost-effective solutions.

5. The conversation concludes by looking at the bright future of technology in the home improvement industry, focusing on trends that prioritize customer-centricity and innovation.

This episode is hosted by Peggy Tsai, Host at BetterTech. 

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