The Business Truth

 - Episode 2

Sailing into the wind: Leading remote teams

Wade Burgess

Episode Summary:

Keeping up with the times, this BetterTech episode features Wade Burgess, EVP of Sales – Americas at Automation Anywhere, and Umair Javed, CEO Tkxel, both of whom walk us through how your business can weather unforeseen events like the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, the importance of pragmatic optimism and also go on to share tips on how to keep your remote employees digitally engaged and motivated.

Show Notes:

1. This is a dramatic transformation but the work from home trends, digital technologies, and video conferencing trends have been facilitating the move to a digital workplace.

2. The relationships people have now are much broader. Video conferencing has led to people connecting with each other more (their personal lives as well). This connection is refreshing and crucial for creating harmony between remote teams.

3. The normal corporate structure is not built for efficiency and there is a lot of email overload. The best leaders teach their team how to communicate in a way that’s effective and succinct.

4. Creating a prioritized daily task list is especially important for managing remote teams. This helps to keep things sorted and managers can avoid micromanaging their team.

This episode is hosted by Umair Javed, Founder & CEO of Tkxel.

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