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Tech Trends

 - Episode 53

Securing the future: Navigating API security & AI in tech

Karl Mattson, CISO

Episode Summary:

In this episode of BetterTech, Yasir Rizwan engages in a deep dive with Karl Matson, the CISO of Noname Security, focusing on API security and the evolving landscape of technology. They explore the challenges, strategies, and future implications of securing APIs, as well as the integration of AI in the realm of information security.

Show Notes:

1. Karl emphasizes the pivotal role of APIs as assets, driven by consumer demands for real-time services across industries.

2. The discussion delves into the potential of AI to improve security practices while posing challenges related to data leakage and governance.

3. Karl advocates for empowering developers as security champions, emphasizing their crucial role in building and deploying secure IT systems.

4. In the absence of established standards for AI security, Karl encourages organizations to contribute to the dialogue, ensuring alignment with expectations and standards.

This episode is hosted by Yasir Rizwan, CTO at tkxel

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