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Tech Trends

 - Episode 28

Security in agile cloud-native environments

Jimmy Mesta

Episode Summary:

This BetterTech episode features Jimmy Mesta, co-founder & CTO, of KSOC, to discuss how KSOC is building a cloud-native SaaS platform to remediate Kubernetes security risks in real-time as security threats have ramped up over the years. Jimmy talks about how the security side of organisations has responded to the challenges in terms of new technologies, techniques, platforms and processes. 

Show Notes:

1. The whole security of public clouds depends on the shared responsibility model. All your data is not automatically protected because there are a variety of ways you can use these technologies in a very insecure manner. So they do provide foundational security compliance work for you but you need to be aware of where your responsibility lies while using these cloud environments.

2.  and compliance, compute-based security, network protection, infrastructure security and identity security types are the foundational requirements for comprehensive cloud security and achieving a zero-trust network in a cloud-native environment.

3. Security teams had to go through some self-reflection about what’s important during the recent technological developments. They are able to do better after the adoption of automation by being part of this development cycle.

4. The security requirements for every size of organization have changed over the years. Even a startup needs to be secured at a very early stage. Every organization that is utilizing technology has to have some level of maturity in its security framework at a very early stage.

This episode is hosted by Umair Javed, Founder & CEO, Tkxel.

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