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Startup Series

 - Episode 24

The leading security solution for the future of work

Scott Kriz

Episode Summary:

In this BetterTech podcast, our Hosts Haseeb Khan, VP of Innovation & Technology, and Yasir Rizwan Saqib, CTO, Tkxel chat with Scott Kriz, CEO & Co-founder, SGNL about how the enterprise and workforce are rapidly evolving, requiring a security solution for the future of work. They further discuss this platform SGNL which provides a revolutionary approach to access management, helping organizations secure their applications, services, and infrastructure.

 SGNL offers an integrated access service for organizations to have a single pane to manage authorization based on role and prevent anomalous user behaviour through modelling expected user behaviour across applications.

Show Notes:

1. The modern enterprise is built on a complex ecosystem of platforms, languages, and frameworks – each requiring its own set of skills and expertise. SGNL provides a library of pre-built connectors to Systems of Record and Protected Services to enable seamless integration, as well as providing easy-to-use SDKs for common languages and frameworks.

2. To make just-in-time access decisions, SGNL provides a real-time understanding of the business context. It synchronizes data from the various systems of record in your organization so you can make intelligent policy decisions.

3. For decades, creating, managing, and auditing policies has been a daunting task, requiring expertise in organizational policy as well as deep authorization and development knowledge to grant the right levels of access. SGNL enables you to create, review, and audit policies that anyone in the business can understand. We do this through our intuitive policy builder, eliminating the need to duplicate your policies with code or expression language.

4. SGNL uses context from the business, the user, and from protected integrations to make fine-grained access decisions across applications and services, powered by realtime context. Whether it’s business-justified access to sensitive customer data, fine-grained service level access, or break-glass access to your infrastructure, the SGNL platform provides the features and capabilities to grant the appropriate access at the appropriate time.

This episode is hosted by Haseeb Khan, VP of Innovation & Technology and Yasir Rizwan, CTO, Tkxel.

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