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Smart Cities

 - Episode 17

Smart Care for Seniors: How Tech Meets Elder Needs

Josh Goode, CIO

Episode Summary: 

In this episode of the BetterTech podcast, host Colin McCarthy speaks with Josh Goode, CIO at Scan Health Plan. Josh discusses how Scan uses technology to support seniors, emphasizing the evolution of their digital capabilities and the acceleration of digital adoption due to COVID-19. He highlights the importance of creating seamless, user-friendly experiences for seniors and supporting caregivers, as well as discussing Scan’s data security measures. Josh also shares insights on emerging technologies like generative AI and their potential to enhance senior care, offering advice for organizations on implementing accessible and integrated tech solutions for seniors.

Show Notes:

1. Josh Goode, CIO at Scan Health Plan, oversees technology and infrastructure.

2. He led a digital transformation to user-friendly platforms, accelerated by COVID-19.

3. Scan consolidates multiple vendor services into a unified digital presence for a seamless member experience.

4. Their website supports seven languages and adjustable font sizes for accessibility.

5. Goode invests in generative AI to enhance productivity and member experiences, leveraging AI for predictive analytics and automated assistance.

This episode is hosted by Colin McCarthy, Host, BetterTech

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