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Smart Cities

 - Episode 11

Smart cities and sustainable communities

Komlan Lonergan

Episode Summary:

In this episode of BetterTech we talk about smart cities and sustainable communities, we chat with Komlan Lonergan, Director of IT, Center for Reproductive Rights, about the current state of affairs with smart cities. Komlan discusses how COVID-19 has impacted this move towards smart cities and sustainability, and what does it mean for the adoption of new technologies.

Show Notes:

1. For a city to be classified as a ‘smart city’ means that it should be leveraging technology across different functions like public health and water management.

2. Smart cities harness technology with a strong internal focus on investment to improve the experience of people in different aspects of lie.

3. The advent of 5G gives us access to more data and information that allows us to make these technologies more informed for intelligent cities.

4. The pandemic recovery poses challenges but communities are responding optimistically and adoption of new technologies is accelerating.

This episode is hosted by Amna Omer, Global Communications Manager, Tkxel.

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